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3D Print Your Own Artwork On To Fashion Wear!

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At 3Dfashionable, we pride ourselves on having some of the world’s best 3D printers which never compromise on quality when it comes to printing the design of your choice on to a variety of apparel.

How this works:

On this page simply click on the “Get Started Now” button above and then you can select the type of apparel you want, upload your own artwork image, select colours and sizes before simply adding the item to cart for purchase.

We will then hand pick the apparel from our warehouse on the same day and 3D print directly onto them with absolute attention to detail guarantee. Free delivery worldwide will then be arrange to an address of your choice. Lastly, you can wear your 3D fashion with pride!

Image Upload Guidelines:

When uploading the image or artwork of your choice, ideally the image you choose is the original high resolution version however please note that to ensure the best possible 3D print, 3Dfashionable’s in house team will touch-up any low-resolution images free of charge, so you needn’t worry, it’s our guarantee that your apparel will come out looking like a masterpiece!

3Dfashionable supports most types of image file formats. The file size limit for each image uploaded is 10MB. If you come across any issues with your upload, send it to us directly by emailing info@3Dfashionable.com and we'll take care of it for you - free!

Supported File Formats:

  • .ai - Adobe Illustrator Document
  • .ps, .eps - PostScript File
  • .jpg - JPEG Image
  • .psd - Adobe Photoshop Image
  • .bmp - Bitmap Image
  • .gif - GIF Image
  • .png - PNG Image
  • .wmf - Windows Metafile